Welcome to our online School of Tibetan Art

At Thangka Karma Gardri we offer courses that'll teach you to draw and paint according to the Tibetan Thangka painting tradition.

You can work at your own pace with lifetime access to the enrolled courses.

Bite size video instructions will guide you step-by -step to creating art according to the centuries old Buddhist scriptures. Corrections and feedback are offered with course related materials by master-painter Tharphen Lingtsang.

The courses presented here are designed for people interested in Buddhist Art, aspiring Thangka painters and people seeking to broaden their artistic creativity in new ways.

The courses are suitable for beginners and advanced students alike.

Our aim is to offer a variety of courses covering the basics of Thangka painting from drawing the different classifications of deities to more advanced levels of painting and learning to use different materials associated with Thangka painting. In this way we want to ensure that each and every student gets a comprehensive understanding of Tibetan Buddhist Art in general and Thangka painting in particular.

Tashi Delek

I'm Tharphen and for over twenty-five years I've been painting thangka's and teaching this precious art form to numerous students from all over the world.

I studied and trained under the guidance of my father Gega Lama, who was the first thangka painter to write a book entitled "Principles of Tibetan Art" which allowed students to learn the basics of Buddhist iconography by themselves.

By giving courses through this online platform I would like to share my passion for this artform and to reach aspiring students who would otherwise not have the possibility to attend my regular courses.

I hope the courses presented here inspire you to join and follow this beautiful and rich tradition of Tibetan Thangka Painting.